Skills that make a difference every day

Informative group sessions

with real world relevance.

THE LEADERS ROUNDTABLE workshops are available online!


We use DISC and Myers Briggs® Assessments  to explore your personal work style and how you can use your strengths to  positively relate to others.


We use proven learning techniques to  deliver engaging, interesting, and informative workshops that give you tools you need to succeed.

THE LEADERS ROUNDTABLE workshops focus on how you can best use your strengths to motivate your teams, excite and engage your customers, and increase your results. The sessions are interactive, so come ready to participate! 

Our classes cover the most requested
topics in leadership development:
What is Leadership

Why Personal Style Matters
Utilizing Strengths and Maximizing Results
Customized Sessions:
Work Style
Communication Skills
Leadership Strategies
Conflict Resolution
Managing Stress
Approach to Change
Maintaining the Momentum 
Strategies for Ongoing Personal Development

Personal Work Style Matters

We use top-rated personality assessments to explore personality types and how
every person’s individual working style plays
a key role in the team’s development and success.

Communication Skills - Up, Down, and Across the Organization

Classroom learning and practical, hands-on excersizes  provide a foundation for effective communication skills that distinguish  a great employee from the rest and drive team results.

Change and Stress Management in Today's Business Climate

Organizational theory and real-life case studies explore the stages of
change and 
effective strategies to
manage change, increase
buy-in to change and
minimize conflict.

Leading and Managing Others to Success

Relevant readings, discussions, and  in class exercises develop a broader and deeper understanding of team dynamics, management best practices, the role of the manager, and how to use influence to acheive goals.

We use the most current virtual platforms for an engaging and exciting experience. If you would like to arrange for a

customized training program for your organization please contact us at